Braba™ Classic Table Stand

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Braba™’s world-class collection of South Texas-inspired table mount hardware is crafted to the highest standards. This European mounting system is built from cold-rolled steel and impeccably hand finished with a custom Braba Bronze patina.  Most importantly, weighing close to seven pounds, this stand is extremely safe, sturdy and functional. Assemble the unique, reversible table stand in your own personal way and then rotate the trident hook to show off your trophy at the best angle. No drilling or damage to the skull. Simply assemble and admire! This is a product that is designed to be passed through generations.

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Product Description

Our European Skull mount sits perfect on your table to display your trophy. Our table stand can be used in one of two ways:
  • Show off your European mount with the StatPlak™ and add up to four lines of text telling the story and stats of your trophy


  • Reverse the base and use the table stand with a classic, traditional styling

9″ x 6″ x 7″ assembled.

6.5  lbs total weight.

  • Skull not included.
  • StatPlak™ included but engraving is additional. Order your engraving here.

Note: This Braba™ Classic Table Stand includes standard-sized trident hook which works with most deer, antelope, impala and other medium skull exotic species. For larger skulls, select the Braba™ Grande Table Stand.




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