Why Braba Brand™?

Screenshot 2015-10-30 05.16.48Michael and I purchased our property in the brush country of South Texas midway between Beeville, Three Rivers and Kenedy back in 2005 when we were expecting our first child. I remember being six months pregnant bouncing around property after property down in hopes of finding the right place to raise our family and teach them the love of outdoors. We were looking for a raw piece of land that had been unimproved that we could develop over the years.

Once we settled on our perfect tract of 1000 acres of land, then came the challenge of naming our ranchita. I didn’t really understand why a ranch needed a name. “Why can’t it just be called ‘Deane Ranch’?” I asked Michael many times. But Michael grew up on South Texas ranches hunting with his father almost every weekend and he insisted that every ranch had to have a special name. “It has to tell the story of our history here,” Michael would insist. So we went through many ideas, ranging from Weedy Creek Ranch, which was the name of the creek that runs through the property to Rancho San Patricio, the county where this property was once located, to even No Le Hace, a long-time favorite phrase of Michael’s, meaning “No Worries.”

Once we closed on the property, we began researching the history of the land. Michael found some files from the State of Texas archives dating back to
the mid 1800s. We learned that our ranch was  part of 26 Labors of land that was originally granted to and owned by the Braba family. On May 3, 1836, a descendant of the original owners, a widow by the name of Guadalupe Braba, was brought before Governor R.H. Bell to provide evidence of her family’s history of the land. At this proceeding, Mrs. Braba’s ownership of one League and Labor of the original Braba Grant was confirmed by the governor. We found this to be such an interesting story that had been lost through the years. As the property had been divided, the original grantee’s name had been omitted on all documents except for references on survey maps.  At this point, it became clear to us that our ranch name had to incorporate the name Braba to preserve the history of the land.

Screenshot 2015-10-17 15.09.46

When creating Braba Brand™, we felt, once again, that our company needed to tell the story of the history of our land, our ranch and our passion for preserving things beautifully. We hope you enjoy our products and hope that you will refer us to friends.